February 26, 2015

Oscars 2015

I enjoy the Oscars. It's a chance to revisit some good movies of the past year, see a few touching moments, and watch people have something very, very nice happen to them.

A lot of people hate the Oscars. I believe this is because they sit down with a pad of paper and keep score of how many minutes they are bored and how many they are entertained. Year after year, critics say the Oscars are "meh" and the host a disappointment. One headline read something like "If Neil Patrick Harris can't pull it off, who can??" What exactly are you expecting him to pull off?? IT'S NOT A BEYONCE CONCERT, PEOPLE!!

Get a crossword and make yourself a nice hot toddy. Sit back and enjoy. "Ooh, that dress is pretty." "Oh, I loved that scene." "What a nice moment when J. K. Simmons told us all to call our mothers." "NPH is on stage in his tighty-whities!" See? Fun.

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