July 17, 2013

Sound Familiar?

It's a rare day with no freelance work, so I get up in the morning ready to spend the entire day writing for my book. I make coffee and play some solitaire while the bath is running. Bathed, clothed, I sit at the computer. First the gauntlet of websites: Facebook, Pinterest, Jezebel, Huff Post, Washington Post. All done, but there's my stack of published book reviews that need to be inserted in page protectors. Then I notice the stack of bills that have accumulated in my in box. An hour later I open Word and think, I really need to walk the dog. Call my friend; she can walk with me in an hour. Back to the computer. Need a snack. In kitchen, I guess I should empty the dishwasher. Marvel at the number of chores that suddenly need to be done. Think it's funny. Before sitting down to Word to write, I really should blog about it.

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