December 8, 2012

The Worst Best Movie You'll Ever See

I'm not sure Ang Lee or Yann Martel intended this response, but about a third of the way through Life of Pi, I thought to myself, "I hate God."

That should tell you a little something about this movie. It's about the Great Mystery: how life is so beautiful one moment and so horrible the next. Pi is a teenager who is stuck on a boat with four animals after his family is lost in a shipwreck. One evening he watches in wonder as a whale rises out of the iridescent sea:

Another evening he watches in horror as a zebra with a broken leg is mauled by the hyena on board. Does the beauty balance out the brutality? Does the brutality nullify the beauty?

I wept more or less continually throughout the second half of the movie, but it's an undeniably great film. So the question is: Is the pain worth the beauty? You'll have to decide.

Me, leaving the theater after viewing Life of Pi.

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