April 9, 2012

Neal Stephenson Appreciation Week: Monday

After months of her bullying, I finally gave into my friend Julie's admonishments and read a Neal Stephenson novel. I chose his latest, Reamde (a play on computer file name ReadMe; also on "remade," "reamed," and god knows what else).

What a writer. Reamde is about a group of individuals who get involved in, um, international intrigue . . .  Even as I'm writing it, it sounds ludicrous. Let me try again; the plot is going to sound overworked, but don't let that stop you: A young American woman, though a desperate, stupid act on the part of her boyfriend, ends up in the hands of Russian mobsters, who take her to China to help track down a hacker who has stolen their money.

So rich is this writer's talent that it's going to take a week to cover it. Tune in tomorrow.

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