January 30, 2012

Fan Freakout: The Hobbit Trailer

The Lord of the Rings movies were a miracle of successful adaptation. Nonetheless, in the second and especially the third films, I felt director Peter Jackson being lured ever more by the videogame aesthetic: shots of cool maneuvers that were more Bioware than Tolkien.

So I was wary about the upcoming film of The Hobbit. As a children's book and the volume most dense with the charm of hobbitlore, it needs a treatment that is less violent, more atmospheric, more fairy tale, more . . . hobbitty. All the while retaining the note of high seriousness that is its peculiar achievement.

After seeing the movie trailer last weekend, and the dwarves gathered in the dusky hobbit-hole singing their ancient, haunting songs, I am more than allayed---I'm counting the days.

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