January 27, 2012

5 Great Plots: Friday

Girl falls dangerously and deeply in love with dark, mysterious boy. (Tristan and Isolde, The Letters of Abelard and Heloise, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, Twilight)


  1. I am kind of a sucker for these types of stories. Or rather, the variation, "girl falls dangerously and deeply in love with the dark, mysterious, damaged on the outside but warm on the inside misunderstood boy." Which is basically part of the plot of the YA novel I'm still working on now, two years in.

  2. "Damaged on the outside but warm on the inside"---exactly!

    I'd really like to read this YA novel you're working on. Are you still part of a writing group?

  3. Lynn, yes, I am still meeting every 2 weeks with the writing group, which includes Gwen. We might possibly be moving the group to Baltimore soon, as one of our members is leaving for Los Angeles in the late Spring. Perhaps you are interested in joining?

    I'd love to share my novel with you, but it's only a little more than halfway done, and pretty rough in many ways in story and style. Would you want to wait until I finish it to read it (I'd really appreciate your feedback) or is it ok as a work in progress?

  4. You know, I might be. I don't write fiction but I'm trying to write a book of nonfiction and can never make myself sit down and concentrate. As for your novel, I'd love to read it now, or I'm happy to wait if you'd rather. Writer's choice. :)